About Us

This website was put together to help others learn about the possibilities that solar energy and green energy can bring. We feel that armed with the right knowledge many people can learn to take advantage of this incredible energy source and not only help the environment by reducing fossil fuel pollution but also help save money by using a clean and renewable source of energy.

By applying the information we have put forward you too can feel like a solar energy professional and enjoy the many benefits that it brings.

At Green Solutions Hawaii, we go beyond simply outfitting your home or business with a renewable energy system. We also strategize on how to conserve energy and make your existing needs more efficient. We go through this trouble because the cheapest energy you can save is the energy you do not use.

Green Solutions HawaiiDean Klein


We founded Green Solutions Hawaii in order to deliver superior renewable energy and green building product reviews and information services to our readers. Our interest in renewable energy stem from careers in both the computer industry and solar industry during their early formative years.

We are dedicated to ensuring that solar products always work toward the greater good.